Local 459 is a labor Union for white collar workers. It is dedicated to improving the work life of its members and the community. Local 459 has more than 2,700 members who work throughout the lower peninsula of Michigan.


It is part of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU). OPEIU has more than 100,000 members and is part of the AFL-CIO.


Local 459 is a democratically run organization owned and operated by its members. It was formed in 1973 with 25 members and has grown ever since.


Local 459 is affiliated with the Michigan AFL-CIO, the South/Central Labor Council, the Flint Labor Council, the Kent/Ionia Labor Council, the Traverse Bay Labor Council, and the Metropolitan Detroit Labor Council.


OPEIU Towing Service

(800) 617-2677



Local 459 staff contact information

Sharon Taylor – staylor@local459.org or local459@local459.org

Jeff Fleming – jfleming@local459.org

Lance Rhines – lrhines@local459.org

Ronda Ackerson – rackerson@local459.org

Lois Davis-Thomas – ldavis-thomas@local459.org

Naudia Fisher – nfisher@local459.org

Kerry Miller – kmiller@local459.org

Kristen Silvers – ksilvers@local459.org







 March 23, 2020

Local 459 Closure  


Due to Governor Whitmer’s “Shelter in Place” order, the Local 459 office will be closed until at least April 13th.  All Local 459 employees will still be working on your behalf. The easiest and quickest manner in which to contact your service representative and/or chief steward is via email. You can also call the Local 459 office at (517) 887-8844 and enter your desired extension. These phone calls will be forwarded to the appropriate employee’s personal phone. If for some reason you do not receive a response from your representative within 24 hours, you can contact Union President, Sharon Taylor, at staylor@local459.org.

We want to be clear that your service representative and/or chief steward is still in communication with Human Resources and advocating on your behalf. PLEASE tell us any of your concerns and we will contact HR to do our best to take care of you all.